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Update: it seems backlinks have updated their plugin and has this feature. use their plugin is better :)

As a publisher, I have some sites registered running with wordpress. Unfortunately only provided plugin for wordpress to set BackLinks Key and Content Link Ads only. So if you registered your site to Standard Link Ads alone or both Standard and Content Link Ads, the links from advertisers won’t appear.  Backlinks Provided tutorial to solve that here. On that tutorial, we should edit our sidebar themes. If you have standard theme or your own theme, it’s okay. But for me it’s pain in the ass, because I have theme which always update regularly from its creator. so whenever I updated my themes I have to edit the sidebar file. it’s a pain :(

After some little search, I got tutorial how to create basic widget in wordpress. I just add some code to the original plugin of backlinks. And now I can show the advertisers’ link without editing themes, and only set it via widget.

Backlinks widget plugin
Backlinks widget plugin

You can download this plugin here:

sekali-kali sok inggris, :ngakaks maklum ngaku programmer postingan blognya isinya galau mulu :ngakaks

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