the beauty from another angle

telaga ngebel ponorogo

Generally people still judge the book by its cover.  So I am.
It can’t be help. I always judge people by their appearance especially for girls. :malu:
something like this picture, every year I always visit this place, Telaga Ngebel Ponorogo,  it’s beautiful as always.
the bad thing I hate is the people around this place that made this place looks not as beautiful as my imagination.
Then I set different angle.  pictured it. and it’s beautiful as always.

So, what’s the relation this note and the girls? I always set my angle point of view to beautiful side while seeing a girl.
that’s why I more comfort not to know about her more than that, because I hate knowing the bad side of her.
It makes me lost my feeling for her.

Yah this is the bad side of me, always seeing the good one. the good one of you.

vachzar 10.09.11

(picture taken by my self using my android :D)

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