shuukatsu is a term of Job hunting in Japan (It’s an abbreviation of shushoku katsudou).

I’ve just in a job fair today. Well, this is the first time I went to a job fair. even though I have experience in job for more than 3 years, actually I’d never feel the atmosphere of job hunting. Thanks to, my seniors I could get a job as programmer via recommendation. Well, the ugly truth is, becoming programmer in a small software house company (SHC) is not interesting. And by the way, for owner, it’s hard to get employee. LOL. but being in small SHC you can’t expect anything except ‘experiences’.

That’s why before graduating bachelor, I resigned from my company and focused in last project and doing some self improvement to get a new job.

and in that job fair, I found so much kind of jobs. Since I’m computer related person, till now always looking for jobs in that area. But there, I was with my friend, she applied any kind of jobs as long as the requirements filled.  I just realized, I was stuck in one area.

so I decided to take any opportunity that lies before me.

ganbatte dayo~

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