At that time, we were completely stranger, and we knew each other on social media. I was so happy when we were chatting, spent time together, even though I had a deadline to be done that day. hahaha.

some jokes and my “gombal” succeeded to make you smile. And in the end you became my friend, a girl friend. There was no day without mentioning you on twitter. We had been friends for almost one year, although we had never met each other

One day you asked me to make a short-story for you. While writing, I was fallen for you. I was falling in love with you. So, after finishing that story I confessed my feeling toward you. Yes, you said.  I succeeded to get rid of (space) between ‘girl’ and ‘friend’. You officially became my girlfriend. :)

Almost one year passed, I haven’t changed a thing. We faced a big wall, we were so optimist so far, but in the end it ran out. Yeah, we had to end our relationship, forcing me to put (space) between ‘girl’ and ‘friend’ all over again.

Good morning my girl friend. :)

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